Why choose us? (为什么选择我们)

2022-12-01 03:53:52 UTC

Why choose us ?

Who are we?

We created an NFT marketplace to link Web2 and Web3, aiming to provide an easier way for Web2 users to access the Web3 world. Users can freely deposit and withdraw NFTs between our platform and the blockchain, while being able to trade in multiple currencies.

Reason for establishment

With the rapid development of blockchain technology today, many artists and enterprises have chosen to enter the Web3 world. On the one hand, many Web2 people can’t participate in their ecological construction because they don’t know much about the blockchain world; on the other hand, their construction in the Web3 world is separated from the Web2 world, and the two can’t form an effective unification and combination.

We think that NFT should not be limited to Web3, they should be able to transfer freely between Web2 and Web3, so we create i.ls.

Why choose us?

  1. We offer Web2 users an easier way to access the Web3 world without having to create a crypto wallet and buy cryptocurrencies, you can use your credit card to recharge and transact on our website.
  2. We are the bridge linking Web2 to Web3.Users can freely withdraw NFTs to blockchain such as Ethereum and can also deposit their NFTs from blockchain to our platform. Each NFT published by our platform is unique and can circulate freely between Web2 and Web3.
  3. We will provide NFT with higher Playability and more empowerment, including various airdrops, whitelists, lotteries, synthesis, staking, etc.
  4. We will expand the concept of NFT. Not only art, we will cooperate with many parties to mint NFT with exclusive IP for the culture, history, celebrity, company, etc. Here, we welcome everyone to join our platform, we will guarantee your unique copyright and IP, and create a suitable Web3 style for you.
  5. In the future, we may gradually enter the Web3 era. We will use the huge inclusiveness of the platform to absorb both Web2 and Web3 people in the process, and gradually develop into one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world.
  6. On our platform, there is no need to pay GAS fees that are ubiquitous in the blockchain, We will always strive to improve the user experience.

In a word

we will strive to become one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world, welcome to join us and build i.ls NFT World with us!


我们是 i.ls ,第一个链接Web2与Web3的NFT市场,立志于为Web2用户访问Web3世界提供更简易的方式。用户可在我们的平台与区块链之间自由存取NFT,同时可以使用多种货币进行交易。





  1. 我们为Web2用户访问Web3世界提供了更简易的方式,不需要创建加密钱包和购买加密货币,使用信用卡即可以在我们网站进行充值和交易。
  2. 我们是链接Web2与Web3的桥梁。用户可以自由地将NFT提现至以太链等公链上,也可以将他们的NFT从公链上充值至我们的平台。我们平台发布的每个NFT都是独一无二的,并且可以在Web2与Web3之间自由流通。
  3. 我们将为NFT提供更多的赋能方式和玩法,包括多样的空投、白名单、抽奖、合成、质押、积分兑换等等。
  4. 我们将扩展NFT的概念。不仅仅是艺术,我们将与多方合作,以独家IP的方式铸造文化、历史、名人、企业等等概念的NFT。在此,我们欢迎所有的有识之士入驻我们的平台,我们将保证您们的唯一版权与IP,并为您量身打造Web3生态。
  5. 在未来,我们可能会逐步进入Web3时代。我们将利用平台巨大的包容性,在这个过程中同时吸纳Web2与Web3人员,并逐步发展成为世界上最大的NFT交易市场之一。
  6. 在我们的平台并不需要支付区块链中无处不在的GAS费用,我们将永远为提升用户体验而努力。


我们将努力成为世界上最大的NFT交易市场之一,欢迎加入我们,与我们一起建设 i.ls NFT World!